Angharad Harrop and Helen Wyn Pari

Angharad Harrop and Helen Wyn Pari

Angharad a Helen

Angharad Harrop (Dance)

Angharad is a Welsh Dance Artist. Her practice is rooted in the community arts and explores relationships between people and place. Angharad has worked as a choreographer and dancer with Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru, National Theatre Wales, and Light, Ladd and Emberton and has collaborated with choreographers and directors including Marc Rees, Julie Nioche and Filipa Francisco. Angharad is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy, teaching regularly at institutions across the UK.

Helen Wyn Pari (Harp)

Helen works as a freelance harpist and harp tutor. After graduating in French she spent a period in Paris before returning to Bangor University to study a Performing on the Harp degree led by Elinor Bennett. Following classical training she performed internationally (Croatia, the Lorient Celtic Festival and the Cirque d’Hiver, Paris) before travelling with the theatre companies of Arad Goch, Hijinx and Paraplyteatret (Denmark, and Belgium.) Helen was also the harpist of the  Gorsedd y Beirdd at the National Eisteddfod. Helen loves using her European artistic background to respond to other arts media. She is also passionate about creative work in the community and has delivered workshops for the elderly and those who live with Dementia as well as leading the classic Baby Brahms concerts and improvisation in Yoga classes!

“To burnish the path for our kids” – Inspiration to create the performance in Dinas Mawddwy.

Helen spent a large part of her childhood in Machynlleth, and it was therefore a privilege to create a performance on the bank of the River Dyfi. The river’s permanent munitions in the valley and its role in shaping the mountains, was a perfect stimulus to the movements of Angharad and her little girl Nansi.
In following the river route under mossy bridges, to their necks in bracken and responding to reflection, tropics, floating leaf, gravelly small feet and the knotting patterns of ancient roots, the importance of roots tying the land and river became evident in the dance. In this land is the origin of Helen’s musical roots- roots that she has passed on to her daughters. She came to Ysgol Dinas for piano lessons at the age of 6, as a result Nansi Richards, (Telynores Montgomery) convinced her parents at a St David’s concert that she needed a harp!

Receiving Ifor’s poem with its musical language was a clear inspiration for the movements and music ” unexpected characters “, ” symphony “, ” keynotes ” and ” Measuring ourselves against a mountain and to change speed “.

The work emphasises our responsibility to raise children to see and appreciate the privilege of being part of the story of Snowdonia.

The video has been filmed by Jamie Walker and co-directed and edited with Angharad Harrop.

With Thanks to Hedd & Sian Pugh, Dinas Mawddwy